About Us

About Us

Tebelopele identity


To be the provider of choice in quality integrated health services


To provide immediate counseling and testing services and linkages to care and treatment


  • Integrity - We will be reliable and honest in what we do.
  • Compassion - We will show kindness towards our clients, stakeholders, and each other.
  • Confidentiality - Our clients and stakeholders expect and trust us to treat their information with the privacy it deserves.
  • Innovation - We will endeavor to develop new approaches and strategies, as well as learn from our partners and peers to improve performances.
  • Customer Focus - Work towards improving relationship with our customers, seek to find the needs of the customers and take action to satisfy them.
  • Service excellence - Consistently meet our customer’s expectations.

Customer service charter

We aim to provide a high standard of service driven by our resolve to make our clients feel welcome and utilize our services guided by our values of integrity, compassion, confidentiality and customer focus.

Our Promise

Right to Self Determination - All clients will be given all the necessary information about HIV counselling and testing to make informed decisions.

Right to Quality Service - We provide quality HIV counselling and testing services to help you make informed life decisions about your lives.

Right to Confidentiality - We are committed to upholding clients’ rights to confidentiality. All client information and records are considered confidential; no information about a client shall be shared with third parties without authorization by the client.

Right to Privacy -To ensure client privacy all doors shall be closed at all times during counselling sessions and a notice shall be placed on the door informing others that counselling is in session.

Right to Transparency - We shall be transparent in our dealings. Tebelopele employees shall not solicit for or accept favors from clients and neither shall clients solicit or accept favors from employees. We provide after care services through supportive counselling to help you cope and deal with your HIV status.

Complaints Procedure

We encourage clients to provide feedback on how our service is delivered for continuous improvement in the quality of service.

If a client feels that their rights to information, privacy, confidentiality, respect, transparency and self-determination has been breached they must freely contact the supervisor at the Centre where the service is provided to lodge a complaint for resolution. If you are not happy, escalate the complaint to the Regional Manager to address your concerns.

We will strive to ensure that your concerns are quickly resolved during the initial lodging of a complaint.