How You Can Help

Get Involved

Tebelopele Voluntary Counseling & Testing Centre (TVCTC) is a quality HIV counselling, testing and linkage to HIV care and treatment service provider in 18 Centres across Botswana that values professionals with the right attitude towards clientele.

Volunteers opportunities

Volunteers are the most important resource community organizations have. The ability of people to work willingly together for the betterment of their community and themselves is a valuable resource. Ideally, volunteers find the donation of their time and energy a meaningful experience for themselves as well as for the organization. A true win/win situation. TVCTC provide this opportunity to those willing to volunteer their services especial in HIV counselling & testing.

Partner up

This is an opportunity to partner with other organizations to advocate for better health. Contact your local Tebelopele centre. Fore more iformation, Please contact us