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Counsellor support supervision

Counsellor support supervision

Addressing Counsellor burnout

To enhance the quality of services offered by counsellors, Tebelopele has a counsellor supervision programme aimed at helping counsellors to relieve burnout and address other counselling related issues. Counsellor support supervision is a key professional requirement for practicing Counsellors as it acts as a way of mitigating counsellor burnout and protecting the client and the profession. It is an important part of counselling and has to be a requirement for all Counsellors, even the most experienced ones.

The goals of Counsellor Support Supervision are to

  • Facilitate effective counselling practice
  • Develop or enhance Counsellor’s professional competence
  • Help Counsellors process emotional reactions so as to ensure a strong focus on ethical responses
  • Ensure development and stimulation of new ideas and skills
  • Facilitate the delivery of quality counselling services that adheres to professional standards

Counsellor support supervision is important because it provides Counsellors with the opportunity to:

  • Explore the way they work and gain new and different perspectives on their clients and the way they work with them
  • Become more aware of the way they affect and are affected by their clients
  • Express their emotions and regain their energy
  • Exchange ideas with someone supportive
  • Feel supported in their position as competent and confident professionals
  • Receive feedback on and challenge the quality of their practice
  • Monitor and develop ethical decision making

Counsellor support supervision is not:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Fault finding
  • Intended to demote, promote or terminate counsellors

Success in counselling depends on counsellors receiving the education, skills and support required to adequately meet the needs of their communities and clients. The counsellor supervision initiative started in June 2008 through a training program in Kenya sponsored by American International Health Alliance Twinning (AIHA) program.