Tebelopele Wellness Center

Expired on: Jan 24, 2021

Tebelopele is a non –profit health and wellness organization dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of communities across Botswana for over 20 years

.Tebelopele facilities are situated in 18 locations serving residents in rural, urban and town. In August 2018, Tebelopele became Botswana’s first and largest non- profit HIV Testing to integrated HIV-SRH services which includes HIV and STI screening and treatment, TB screening and, Family planning. Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP).

Tebelopele aims at providing tailored, integrated facility specific support to close the gaps related to HIV/AIDS, treatment and care, particularly among AGYW and men. The expected outcomes will be based on project Key results areas. Through the USAID award Tebelopele will implement a client centred integrated prevention, care and treatment program that will support services delivery towards reaching HIV epidemic control. To achieve this, the activity will focus on the following four (4) Key Results Areas 1) to foster early detection of infection and to address the gaps in testing (especially among men and youth) 2) To enhance early linkage to care and treatment to persons newly identified as HIV positive 3) Increased Adherence, Retention and Sustained Viral Load Suppression for HIV and TB Patients on Treatment and 4) Scaling Preventive Strategies to Combat HIV Infection among Population at Risk. The expected outcomes will be based on the program description Key results areas with geographic focus of the Activity including Tebelopele facilities in Gaborone, Kweneng East, and Francistown.


Reporting directly to the ICT Manager, ICT Officer is responsible for implementing day-to- day operations of information technology facilities and services to ensure effective performance of ERP systems, data management systems, security and networking devices. The officer will provide assistance in systems development and maintenance, and attend to other tasks as required.

  1. Maintain and troubleshoot all network and computer related issues, Integrate security, physical control solutions for all confidential data and systems.
  2. Monitor performance and manage parameters to provide fast responses to front- end users.
  3. Integrate and configure computer networking for best
  4. Assist in managing networking equipment such as routers, firewalls and
  5. Troubleshoot and repair of hardware, operating systems and
  6. Monitor and maintain computer systems and
  7. Identify security gaps and provide relevant solutions in consultation with the ICT
  8. Test and evaluate all new technology including M&E systems g. database systems, websites etc.,
  9. In collaboration with ICT Manager, develop participatory strategies and tools for monitoring and evaluating projects.
  10. Conduct electrical safety checks on computer
  11. Enhance office IT system through appropriate upgrades and advise staff on changes or improvements required.
  12. Help install and support of all ICT hardware and
  13. Ensure backup of core data, information resources and system
  14. To contribute into the development of mechanisms for protecting the technological infrastructure of Tebelopele in line with, and where possible, ahead of, the threats
  15. To take part in Health Informatics
  16. To monitor the use of technological services within Tebelopele and to identify any areas of under-utilisation, misuse or over-utilisation and to identify and implement any remedial actions that may be required.
  17. To implement planned technological support services throughout Tebelopele, which include call centre helpdesk, proactive maintenance services and other services as may be required.
  18. Travel on support visits at least twice a
  1. A BA Degree in Computer science/ Information Technology or
  2. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) will be an added
  3. At least 2 years’ Experience from working as an ICT
  4. Previous experience from working in complex and volatile
  5. Documented results related to the position’s

Four years in IT with experience in the following:

  1. Knowledge of internet-based technologies, Cloud computing, Windows Server and Linux based systems
  2. Knowledge in ERP software Sage Evolution
  3. Knowledge and competencies of the following DHIS2, ODK Products and any other survey implementation tools.
  4. Traceable experience in configuring CISCO networking
  5. Knowledge in information security and maintenance of Ie. Fortigate
  6. Knowledge in Linux Operating E.g. Open Suse, Ubuntu.
  7. Knowledge of wide range of programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, xml
  8. Knowledge in MySQL database, MS Access database and/or any other databases
  9. Basic knowledge in
  10. A valid driving license will be an added

Candidate should;

  1. Be a fast leaner
  2. Possess excellent people skills
  3. Possess excellent problem solving skills

Interested and qualified candidates should submit an application letter, comprehensive CV and certified copies of certificates to the:

Human Resources Manager

Tebelopele Voluntary Counselling and Testing Centre Private Bag 112, Gaborone

Tel: +267 3958015/4 | Fax: 3958022

Or hand deliver to Gaborone International Commerce Park, Plot 39, Unit 4, Gaborone Or by email to: recruitment@tebelopele.org.bw

CLOSING DATE: 24th January 2021 at 17:00 Hours


Sorry! This job has expired.