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This is a three months block campaign that targets couples mostly during valentines’ month. The campaign is usually done in collaboration with other stakeholders in the various districts


  • Couples find it difficult to counsel and test together due to separation (location / time)
  • Couples do not openly discuss sexual matters (such as pregnancy prevention, health issues, sexuality)
  • Multiple concurrent partnership is practiced (and encouraged by peers)
  • Couple counselling is seen as boring and for when you have problems in your relationship

Key Promise / Benefit

If Couples choose to have open communication where they learn each other, then they will benefit by their sexual relationship enhancing. Communication and understanding helps couples because:

  • They can explore their sexual desires in a shared, appreciative environment
  • They become more intimate through understanding their partner’s needs
  • They become considerate

Couples should seek couple counselling so as to learn to communicate openly and understand each other better.

Positioning Statement – ‘Couple counselling is a cool, normal part of any sexual relationship, enhancing it affectionately, intimately and passionately

How can we help you?

We are all the times available to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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