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Youth Against AIDS (YAA) is a Tebelopele Youth program aimed at encouraging young people to seek counseling based prevention as well as to know their HIV-status. The program is meant to expose young people to information and choices regarding their lives; may it be in pursuing their careers, furthering their education, partaking in sports for health or starting their own business. It is these factors that contribute to influences that affect decision making in youth. It is strictly for youth by youth.

The program goal is to provide a comprehensive, integrated platform for youth programming, giving youth information, education, and life skills and support that would lead to the realization of their dreams and aspirations

Who is YAA?

The program targets three groups of youth

  • Those in schools – adolescents between the ages of 14 and 20
  • Those out of schools – young adults between the ages of 21 and 24
  • The working Youth-Young professionals between the ages of 25 and 29

The program is for volunteers regardless of age, sex, religion, educational or professional background. The program is designed to empower youth and enrich the communities in which they operate. Using a method of learning by teaching, YAA volunteers are engaged in a number of activities, which involves them in educating youth, resulting in them learning as well. They are also provided with counseling based prevention, a technique that is meant to close the gap between knowledge and behavior change through practice.

Why YAA?

The program operates on 5 pillars: music, sports, fashion and arts, education and careers. For each pillar, support projects have been planned to ensure that youth are exposed to practical experiences that affect their decision making and lives.

Music – YAA has part of its members being young professional musicians and performers. Music is the foundation of the programs promotional strategy looking into the fact that all young people enjoy music. It is a universal language that can be used to inform, educate and communicate.

Sports – YAA encourages youth to participate in sports. Sport develops qualities such as team work, leadership, self-confidence and co-operation. It also instills discipline and excellence. These last attributes can be used in promoting a healthy lifestyle. A support program under the sports pillar is the ‘Heroes’ Project aimed at using sports champions as mentors for youth through team mentoring, clinics, coaching assistance and equipment support.

Fashion and Arts – YAA activities under this pillar are mandatory. The program is associated with young professionals and organizations that are involved in this pillar. This includes individuals such models, designers, actors and artists.

Careers – An uncertain future is a terrifying thing for a young person. YAA aims to provide information and direction in terms of careers. Working with in school departments, organizations in the field, the program is tasked with exploring opportunities in business creation and development. Partnerships in the private sector enable a mentoring support program for student placement and internships. The ‘Incubation’ Project also includes facilitation of seminars with business partners.

Education – Further education is another pillar that is addressed in YAA. The program forms linkages with local, national and international institutions that provide higher learning, making information on these institutes readily available for youth. There is a ‘Learning Point’ Project that enables debates, tutoring, mentoring and shadowing.

How can we help you?

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