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Introduced and piloted in 2008, Tebelopele Post Test Clubs (PTCs) are an initiative with the overall objective to enhance prevention of HIV transmission. Clubs are formed by people who have tested for HIV, whether positive or negative. The clubs are discussion forums where clients meet regularly to share experiences, information and insights and to support one another on challenges in adhering to their risk reduction plans.

The clubs are also used to promote utilization of relevant post-test services which are treatment, care and or support services. PTCs are not support groups, but discussion forums that are envisaged to provide information and support for those who have tested and are still dealing with issues of disclosure or adherence to their personal risk reduction plan. They are an extension of the gateway to prevention, treatment, care and support through which the members/participants may be referred for services like on-going supportive counselling, trauma counselling and clinical assessment for treatment. The clubs serve as a transient and continue supporting the Government to achieve national prevention goals.

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Tebelopele centres play a coordination role in that they take a lead in the establishment of these clubs in all the centres. Clients who test at Tebelopele centres are invited to take club membership to attend the club meetings and the Centre Coordinators are responsible for ensuring that there are facilitators (counsellors) for every meeting. However, the centres work in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders in their respective districts including but not limited to Support Groups for People Living with HIV and AIDS (where they exist), District AIDS Coordinators (DACs) and District Health Team (DHT) and membership is not limited to those who test at Tebelopele only.

Members are then encouraged to participate voluntarily in community mobilization activities and Tebelopele major events.

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