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Supportive counseling is an integrated approach to treatment of clients with psychosocial issues. The counselling practice will be offering professional counselling focusing on issues that are not far from the current fight against HIV and AIDS. This model, which integrates individuals, couples and HIV management counseling approaches with psychological interventions, attempts to balance the client’s thoughts, emotions, motivation and commitment to treatment.

Counseling will be targeting individuals, couples and Companies presenting with the following common psychosocial issues;

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Apart from the above mentioned we will also be in position not to turn away anyone coming in with issues such as;

Goals and Objectives of Counseling

The goal of the counseling package is to offer professional counseling services to clients in need of professional psychosocial care and support. As a counseling center we will be dedicated to helping our clients to:

Counselling assumes that positive change may occur as a result of the client-counselor relationship. A positive therapeutic alliance is seen as critical in helping the clients become involved in the treatment process. Clients have to be fully involved in working on a number of intra and inter personal issues as part of treatment. Proper referrals should be made for other needed services.

Supportive Counselling Protocol
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